Ok folks this post is inspired by the latest heat wave that is hitting the mid-west.  A couple of weeks  back my mom paid me a visit. One day of her visit, while browsing in a grocery store I ran across something that caught my attention.  The picture below is of a cartoonish looking boy yelling “Drink Wataah!”  Seriously, this bottle of water is called WATAAH!.  After leaving the store I was curious about this WATAAH!. So what does any curious person do in this day and age?  You google it! WATAAH! was started when a mom got fed up with her two sons drinking sodas and they said that water was boring (I agree with them water is boring at times). WATAAH! is is branded as water for kids and their website is pretty cool also.  There are several different WATAAHs and each one contains different things in them (example, WATAAH! Power has Magnesium).  With the temperatures in the high 90s and the heat indexes in the tipple digits this week, remember to stay cool, stay in the shade, and drink plenty of WATAAH!, water, agua (spanish), eau (french), or how ever you say it.

Stay cool out there.