ABA - Midwest Flames vs King City Monarchs - E.L.I.T.E Pulses of Hope Drumline

This past Saturday the Midwest Flames had an exhibition game against the King City Monarchs in Peoria, IL. Before the start of the game, everyone in attendance was treated to a performance by the Peoria E.L.I.T.E. Pulses of Hope Drum line. To quote Tony the Tiger, “They're Grrreat!”. Another photographer there told me that they were coming in, and one minute later, they marched in demanding your undivided attention (Didn't you love to hear your teacher say this in class). They played for several minutes and left with a standing round of applause from all in attendance at the Woodruff Career and Technical Center gym.

After the drum line exited the gym it was time to shoot the game. I talked to a few of the Monarchs players before the game and found out they were from Carbondale, IL. Wait a second, Carbondale, that's the home of my alma mater Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. SALUKIES BABY!!!...SIU, SIU, SIU, SIU! If you were at SIU, you know about that famous Quatros pizza. I can still remember the phone number because that was part of their jingle. All together now, “...Dial 549-5326 Quatros deep pan pizza...”

For the first half of the game I used my Canon T1i with 18-55mm f 5.6 and my Canon 7D 70-200mm f 2.8 Lens. After my struggles during previous Flames game, I kept reminding myself to switch cameras at half court. The game action was not as fast from the previous game, which helped out a lot, and it wasn't as hot in the gym. The Flames won the game 145 – 111.


Thanks for reading, see you later.