The view of the Gateway Arch from Malcom Martin Park

On one of the good days that I was home, I went down to the Malcom Martin Park in East St. Louis Illinois to take a few shot of the iconic Gateway Arch.  In one day I made three trips to this park.  I went there at the dawn and the park was closed, later in the morning and one last time before sunset. The shots in the morning didn't turn out too good nor did the evening shots because of cloud cover, so the shot below is from my second time going to the park.  In this same park is the home of the Gateway Geyser but it was not running.  I hope to return back home in the summer to get some images of the Geyser running. 

Here is a shot of the Gateway Arch from the Malcom Martin Park in East St. Louis, IL

A shot behind the Malcom Martin Statue looking across the Mississippi River at the Gateway Arch