N2 Track Day - Road Atlanta


It has been ages since my last post. This post will be about another hobby of mine besides photography/videography. In mid May I started preparing for the July 4th N2 motorcycle Track Day at Road Atlanta. For the track day I decided to leave my DSLRs at home and just focus on the track. I did take my GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 cameras and had them mounted and tethered to my bike. I put the Hero2 on the rear and created a tether for it after watching  this YouTube video. Because the Hero3 was on the front I used a cyclemount solution by securing it on the bikes mirror mount. In order to tether this camera,  I used a series of zip-ties together.

Due to the rain, the morning session was a struggle. Turn 7 cause trouble for several riders, including me. I did go do but the crash was minor.  I walked away from it injury free, the bike had minor damage and it was deemed safe to return to the track.  Around lunch time, the sun came out and the track dried up.  Riding on the track was a lot better at this point. 

Raul Jerez of highsidephoto.com was on site taking photos of everyone racing on the track. Highsidephoto have taken photos at various track days and races/ below are some of the shots of me at the N2 Track day. To see more of Raul's work check out highsidephoto.com

Here are two captures from the GoPros mounted on my bike


Below is a video I have put together from my N2 Track Day. I have to give thanks to Flying Finn of Chain RXN with providing his GoPro footage to help make the video.