West Hall vs Troup County - Georgia Highschool Playoffs

This past Thursday I had another opportunity to shoot the Troup County High School football team. Before I get into this I would like to thank lensrental.com for helping me with the shipping conflict with a shipping service that I will not name. Long story short is that there an the shipping services indicated that an attempt was made to deliver a package and it was not. But calling the lensrental.com and the shipper, we were able to resolve the issue and I received the lens in time.

With the lens in hand I had the same set up I had when I shot Troup County last time. My camera bodies were a Canon 5D Mark iii, and Canon 7D; lenses were Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 and a Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 lens. It was chilly that night and I the joy to experience the view finder fogging up several times during the game. Along with view finder fogging up, both teams were snapping the ball quickly. West Hall was snapping the ball within one second off the play clock. Several times I found myself not evening shooting a down because by the time I started to compose my shot the ball was snapped.

I had more success with using back focus and even though it was chilly outside it was still fun to shoot. The game was exciting. Troup County started off fast and West hall kept answering. In the end Troup County lost the game 24 - 21 on a costly interception in the end zone with seconds left in the 4th quarter. I learned that Troup County had a great season to finish 8-3. Why is this season considered great you ask? They were 1-9 last year. Gentlemen, congrats on a good season.

Thanks again for Troup County High school for allowing me to shoot their game. Below are some of the shots from the game. Until my next post