Tuskegee Golden Tigers Baseball

This weekend a friend came in town to see her son who is the pitching coach for the Tuskegee Mens baseball team.  Tuskegee and other schools played in a tournament in Peachtree City, GA. After the first game ended, I decided to bring out my cameras to capture some action for their second game. 

For the majority of my shooting I used my Canon 7D with 70-200mm/f 2.8 lens.  The games were played at a facility called Home Plate.  The field is nice and cozy but not the best for shooting games in my opinion because everything is fenced off.  With this challenge I did the best I could to shoot through the back screen netting and a chain link fence.   

Tuskegee ended up losing both games, but it was good to see some familiar faces and have a few laughs while watching some baseball.   Below are a few of the shots. 

To the Tuskegee parents I met that inquired about photos.   Keep checking back as I will create a special page that will include all the game shots I took.